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Founding principal Gurdish Johal graduated from Birmingham School of Architecture and trained in architecture, design and construction for various Birmingham-based architectural design practices.

MatLab was formed in 2010 with the ambition to create a contemporary architectural design practice that is equally practical, sustainable, contextual, and accessible.

Inherent to our design philosophy, we seek to transform project constraints into opportunities that generate inventive and unique design solutions.
Our vast experience with a wide array of project types, construction techniques and architectural styles gives us a high level of expertise, while our collaborative process and individual approach to each project allow us to be flexible and responsive.

In both design and construction work various local and foreign materials and building systems are used. The designs are carried out with the help of professional Computer Aided Design drawing and visualization, with over 15 years expertise in projects such as; Residential \ Warehouse \ Industrial \ Places of Worship \ Healthcare \ Education \Remodelling\Conversion \ Interior Design and Landscaping.