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At MatLab we strive for design excellence, it can be found not only in form, style or materials, but resides in attributes of proportion, scale, detail and spirit.

Materials are often chosen at the end of the design process or even during the generation of construction documents for a building design , as if they are a mere afterthought, a colour of paint applied to the building after the design has been formulated, to consider design without the regard for materials can only result in a less successful building project.

Mies van der Rohe was able to push the use of glass and steel to provide a level of purity in construction and a minimalist style quality of space.
As modernism was refined, materiality continued to support the design intentions of those willing to look at materials in novel ways.

Our interest in materials is the driving force in making architecture that is enriched by the awareness of locality and landscape and allowing the site constraints to inform the design. We strive to create buildings that connect with the outside and that allows the patrons of the built environment to experience the external climate, rather than separating us from it.

Our goal is to make architecture in which one can experience delight, with a collaborative process involving the client and professionals from a variety of disciplines at an early stage of the design process.